Welcome to the Urban Blueprint Blog!

Welcome to the Urban Blueprint Blog!

Hello and welcome to the Urban Blueprint blog! We have a lot of exciting topics planned in the coming months and with it we hope to achieve several goals. 

When it comes to design and build, many of our ongoing and future clients have a clear understanding of what they love visually speaking but lack the foundational knowledge and vocabulary to communicate their needs and desires clearly. In a series of posts, we hope to clarify some terms and also answer some of your most burning questions. What are some of the different kinds of flooring available? What about bathroom fixture finishes? Should I consider different types of trim? How much will it all cost? These are just a few of the questions that are frequently asked. 

In addition to this, we hope to address some concerns that you may never have thought to consider otherwise. For example, there are some key questions you ought to ask your builder before you commit. What about development applications and building permits? We will take a deep dive into just how this process works.

With access to the best trades in the biz, we also look forward to sharing our discussions with our contacts regarding tricks of the trade. We look forward to; covering best practices for installing flooring, how to layout tiles before installing, explaining why a carefully-planned layout for a shower is incredibly important and much much more. 

Lastly, we of course look forward to sharing both our ongoing and finished work with you, as well as before and after photos to highlight some of the dramatic transformations we’ve been a part of. 

As you read a long, we hope to hear from you with questions and comments. We’re just a quick call or email away so if there’s something we haven’t covered that you would like to read, let us know!