Tips & Tricks of The Trade – Marksman Tile

Tips & Tricks of The Trade – Marksman Tile

Meet Mark Sarmiento, owner of Marksman Tile! If you’ve been following along, you will know that at Urban Blueprint we pride ourselves in working with skilled trades. What this means is that we don’t use a “Jack of All Trades” but rather individuals and teams who specialize in specific areas. When it comes to tiling, Mark is one of our tried and true go-to specialized trades! A family man based out of the East end of Toronto, Mark has been in business since 2006, loves what he does and cares about the results. Mark and his dedicated team work together as partners to ensure their clients are happy, even if it means answering burning questions via text late at night! Here are some of Mark’s tips, tricks and thoughts on the tile trade…

What is your favourite kind of tile to install?

Mark is a fan of clean lines and symmetry and like the great Leonard Da Vinci, believes that, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!” For that reason, he loves 24” x 24” tiles in all their forms. Apart from aesthetics, they also happen to be a bit more straightforward to install, not that Mark is afraid of a challenge!

A bit about the job site in the video… 

For this Ledbury Park home’s entryway, the client wanted to make an impact with something clean and sleek. To do this, we opted for a stunning mosaic tile. In order to achieve this, Mark and his team had to make sure the floor was perfectly level and carefully prepared. With a mosaic tiles of this nature, there are a lot of corners to worry about. In addition to this, everything has to be very precisely cut, as one mistake can affect the entire floor. The biggest trick is to stay true to your lines and make sure the floor is nice and even, otherwise, Mark warns, you will have problems down the line. 

What is the most challenging tile to install but worth the effort?

According to Mark, herringbone is without a doubt the most challenging pattern of tile to install, particularly if you are wrapping around various elements. It is tedious and time consuming work but, he concedes, it is incredibly impactful. 

Any tips and tricks of the trade our clients should know?

Mark doesn’t claim to have any tips or tricks but rather emphasizes the importance of careful preparation. Before he begins he is sure to make sure he has all the proper drawings and materials on hand and that the site and surfaces are carefully prepared. To avoid problems, Mark believes in strong and clear communication. If there is a question, concern or issue, Mark will always pick up the phone or answer a text from a client. 

What is your favourite or most memorable UB project?

The interview site is a particularly special project as it’s a form of tiling that Mark and his team don’t necessarily see on a typical day. It’s a style that you don’t see often but that he feels is coming back. Apart from the current project though, Mark has a bittersweet, love-hate relationship with the aforementioned herringbone tile. Although it is challenging and tedious, some of his most memorable and stunning completed projects have involved herringbone.

Stay tuned for our next “Tips & Tricks of the Trade” video and feel free to get in touch if there’s something you’d like us to cover!