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See Urban Blueprint in the Toronto Star

Urban Blueprint was recently interviewed by the Toronto Star to discuss redeveloping small spaces. Check out the article!

In the article, co-founders Luca and Natasha, discuss their tips for redeveloping around an existing footprint.

Create a wish list

Many of our clients provide us with their wish lists for their renovation or remodel. As a team, we create strategies to make the best use of their space and check off the items on their wish list in order of priority.

Redevelop around the existing footprint

If you go with a new build, you may have to shrink the size of the building. There may be a variance, and you can end up at the Ontario Municipal Board, which can cost time and money.  We recommend finding ways to exploit the original area.

Be creative with the design

There are many ways to eliminate or reduce bulkheads and allow you to run mechanical through the floor. You can be very creative with the design to hide or eliminate items that are visually distracting. The layout is also very important with small spaces and needs to flow well since the majority of smaller homes we work on have open concept living spaces. For example, ensuring that there is a clear distinction between an open concept living room and kitchen can be accomplished through decor items such as wallpaper, different colours of paint, a change in style of fixtures and finishes, or incorporating wall art and cabinetry at different heights.

With small spaces, “you are a bit limited because of square footage,” according to Luca. “But that actually gives you the ability to open yourself up creatively. Even the homeowners themselves seem more open to trying different approaches.”

Check out some photos of the project referenced in the Toronto Star article below.