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From Luca’s Desk: Get to know our lead designer and project manager

As Founder & Principal of Urban Blueprint, Luca spearheads design and project management.  In our monthly series, Luca will be discussing topics that he is constantly asked about ranging from themes like the building permit process, home inspections, renovations and additions, how to maximize your space, and whether to DIY or hire a contractor! Please e-mail questions or topics you would like him to address at

From Luca: I founded Urban Blueprint with my sister Natasha. From a very young age, I have been passionate about real estate and construction. As the lead designer and project manager of the Urban Blueprint team, I am constantly working on design development for clients, liaising with the City on permit approvals, visiting our job sites and managing the team of project managers and trades. I am involved with everything our customers see. 

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After completing my undergrad at the University of Guelph, I went to George Brown College for the Construction Project Management and Revit Architecture programs. I use the most up to date version of Autodesk Revit which is an industry standard for architects, engineers and design consultants. It allows me to collaborate with all my team members, to analyze concepts, and maintain clarity through design, documentation and construction.

On the project management side, our team uses the most innovative technology. We collaborate via our smart devices using cloud software that connects our clients, project managers, subs, suppliers, interior designers, and anyone who needs to know what’s going on with the job in real time. This makes our team extremely efficient and we are able to track everything in one place.

The first thing I do on a typical day is go to the job site and review project updates and manage the day’s jobs. Then, I tackle my to-do list, which consists of reviewing design concepts for clients, as well as communicating with the City on anything related to the permit process. In and between, I am meeting with clients and analyzing potential real estate investment opportunities.



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I love what I do – building amazing spaces that ultimately reflect the lifestyle of the people that live in them.

People always ask me how Urban Blueprint is different from hiring an architect, general contractor and interior designer. Urban Blueprint is different because we unite all these services under one roof to deliver a product that is on time and on budget. It happens far too often that we receive a project that has been over designed and the owners are unable to afford the construction. We take all aspects of an entire project into consideration at the get go.

We also have an expanding portfolio of rental properties that I’m also involved with from an investment standpoint.

Real estate is something I understand, enjoy and firmly believe in.

In my next post I’ll be discussing the building permit process. Feel free to send me your questions!