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Decor Inspiration: Patterned Walls


Natasha Penzo-McIntosh, Co-Founder of Urban Blueprint

As co-founder and principal of Urban Blueprint, Natasha oversees the interior design decisions for the brand.  She gravitates toward patterned walls and has been known to incorporate bold wallpaper in many of our projects. Oversized prints and bold patterns make a statement and can create a beautiful focal point in rooms. Check out some of Natasha’s favourite patterned walls from the world of design an decor. From Martinique print in the Beverly Hills hotel to Farrow & Ball’s Lotus pattern, Natasha draws inspiration from these glam wallcoverings.  She also loves the idea of incorporating these prints on the ceiling instead of the walls.


Here are some project photos where Natasha has incorporated bold, graphic wallpaper.

77_dearbourne_ave_MLS_HID985015_ROOMmasterbedroom 77_dearbourne_ave_MLS_HID985015_ROOMmasterbedroom2 77_dearbourne_ave_MLS_HID985015_ROOMpowderroom BED 2