Urban Blueprint is a real estate development and lifestyle company that helps our clients design and build their urban life. Based in Toronto, Urban Blueprint specializes in design and build, investment, redevelopment, and property management of urban residential properties. The company’s core objective is to build and manage quality properties that enhance your urban lifestyle, providing much more than just a place to live. Urban Blueprint takes pride in helping you design and build your urban life.

Meet our Team


John Penzo

Executive Chairman

Prior to Urban Blueprint, John Penzo was a partner at a real estate development company focusing on land acquisition, development, and sales. With four decades of experience, John has managed over 3000 homes under construction to-date. At Urban Blueprint, John oversees all aspects of the business including business operations, financing, land acquisition, construction, and development.


Natasha Penzo

Founder & Principal

Prior to Urban Blueprint, Natasha worked for over seven years in marketing and public relations. Natasha earned her MBA from Schulich School of Business in finance and entrepreneurship. She earned her HBA from University of Toronto and studied at Oxford University. At Urban Blueprint, Natasha is charged with overseeing marketing, strategy and sales, and client relations.


Luca Penzo

Founder & Principal

Prior to Urban Blueprint, Luca worked for a real estate development company as a Site Supervisor and Project Manager. Following in his father and grandfather’s footsteps, as early as he can remember, Luca was on the job site and takes an innovate approach to the traditional design method. Luca holds his construction management certificate, REVIT architectural certificate, and BCIN. At Urban Blueprint, Luca spearheads design and project management.


Tyler Kirkpatrick

Assistant Site Supervisor

At Urban Blueprint, Tyler is responsible for managing construction activities of the business and is involved with the supervision of all project reporting and operational efficiency. Tyler is also responsible for the property management of Urban Blueprint’s rental properties. Tyler earned his undergraduate degree from Dalhousie University and is professionally trained as a firefighter.


What is Urban Blueprint?

Urban Blueprint is a real estate development and lifestyle company that helps our clients design and build their urban life.

Urban Blueprint Design and Build provides our clients with the following experience:

  • All of your renovation and build services in-house from start to finish
  • Tracking of your project in real-time through “Your Urban Blueprint Home” secure login and password

Urban Blueprint Property Management provides our tenants with the following experience:

  • Maintenance requests and scheduling through “Your Urban Blueprint Home” secure login and password
  • Superior customer service through consolidated property management and tenant services

What regions does Urban Blueprint operate in?
Urban Blueprint primarily serves clients living in urban neighbourhoods in Toronto.

Where does the information in the neighbourhood guides come from?
Through market research and connecting with local businesses regarding their operations and updates.

Urban Blueprint Team

Who are Urban Blueprint’s designers and subcontractors?
The management team of Urban Blueprint has combined experienced of over 60 years in the real estate development and build industry.  Our in-house designer is a licensed renovator and BCIN qualified. Our project manager has completed a certificate from George Brown College in construction management.

Urban Blueprint subcontractors are licensed and highly skilled trades and craftsman.

Design and Build Fees

How much will it cost to work with Urban Blueprint for my build or renovation?
There is no cost for an initial consultation with our team and we will provide you with a cost estimate for the scope of work. If you decide to work with us, our project management fee is in line with industry standards and set at a fee that will enable us to provide the best possible service based on your scope of work.

What is the payment structure for my build or renovation?
Urban Blueprint sets a fixed fee for design work and outlines the number of allowable revisions, as well as a fixed fee for project management during the construction phase based on the cost estimate. Any variances from the cost estimate are paid to Urban Blueprint or returned to the client at the time of project hand-over.

Property Management

What information do I need to apply for an Urban Blueprint rental?
You will need to complete an application that will be provided by Urban Blueprint Property Management. Personal information and supplemental information is required:

  • Proof of employment and T4
  • If self-employed, letter stating nature of business and brief description of the work
  • Driver’s license and passport

How do I find out what Urban Blueprint rental units are available and schedule a viewing?
You can schedule a viewing appointment through our website and find out more information by emailing info@urbanblueprintdevelopments.com

Your Urban Blueprint Home Account

How do I create a “Your Urban Blueprint Home” Account for Design and Build?
Once a design or build contract has been signed, you will have have access with a secure username and password to sign up to your account. The following client login will enable you to: Access your dashboard for project progress, documentation, budget updates, trade schedules, finishes and fixtures data and information, and post-service manuals Your account will be your one-stop-shop for all information regarding your project instead of having to sort through various emails throughout the duration of the job.

How do I create “Your Urban Blueprint Home” Account for Tenancy?
Once a rental agreement is signed, you will have access with a secure username and password to sign up to your account. The following tenant login will enable you to: Access your dashboard for rental agreements, payment processing and updates, maintenance schedules and requests, and up-to-date information on the neighbourhood you live in. Any tenant need or question can be submitted through your account, and responded to within 24 hours via your account.